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Accounting Services

Do you Need Help with the Daily Bookkeeping?

Running a company is hard work. You must rely on your expertise and invest your time and money to make it work. Do you also have time to do your taxes, create and follow up on invoices, prepare financial statements and do payroll? A small business accountant in Calgary does all this and more, leaving you the time you need to lead your company and build your brand.

Accounting and bookkeeping are daily tasks for small businesses and non-profits. Trust this vital component to a small business accountant in Calgary that keeps your success a top priority.

What I Can Offer You:
Full Suite of Corporate Services:

Tax deferral strategies, timely reporting, payment distribution analysis, company financial health checkups, assistance with the migration from sole proprietorship or partnership to incorporation, full service payroll, T4 preparation and summaries, invoicing, accounts receivables/payables, cash flow and projections, reconciliations, business consulting, and more.

Full suite of Sole Proprietor Services:

Business and personal tax returns, tax compliance checks, payroll assistance, cloud-based accounting assistance and/or virtual bookkeeping, business structure setup, financial counselling, projections and analysis, reconciliations, and more.

Information Slips
and GST Returns:

Preparation of T-slips (T4, T5, T4A etc.) summaries, and preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly or annual GST returns.

Financial Records Management:

Producing records and reports for compliance, filing, and financial health checkups.

Financial Statements:

Compiling monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual financial statements, tracking revenues and expenses.


Full cycle on-site or off-site bookkeeping support, including assisting in setting up and utilizing the latest cloud-based software for the automation of bookkeeping functions.

Consulting & Strategizing:

Inputs on your company’s overall financial health, data to assist in making informed management decisions, tax planning for efficient filing and reporting to CRA, tax minimization strategies.

Investing in Your Financial Health has a High ROI

When you let a small business accountant handle your daily accounting, you are investing in a more efficient, professional, compliant company for you and your team. With an in depth knowledge of the Tax Act, years of experience in personal, small business, non-profit, and corporate accounting, and a desire to see your brand succeed, you can expect a very high ROI when a professional accountant is on your side.


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