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Tax Preparation & Consultation

The Tax Act is complicated, lengthy and requires expertise to ensure total compliance. You need a Calgary small business tax accountant that knows the legislation, filing requirements, and deadlines. It is vital that small businesses and non-profit organizations adhere to the laws and regulations set forth by CRA. Failure to do so results in fines and penalties – which are very damaging financially and for your company’s reputation. I am the accountant dedicated to your small business and non-profit tax preparation needs.


There are different tax strategies for different types of businesses. For example, small businesses run by a solo-entrepreneur or a partnership have vastly different filing requirements than businesses that are incorporated.


My tax preparation and consulting service includes addressing your small business, corporate and/or non-profit tax needs for every stage of your company’s development. I also do personal taxes, knowing that for many entrepreneurs, their personal taxes impact their business filings.


This is all done with a personal touch and the type of customer service that makes your tax season much less stressful.

A Taxing Question:
Can you help me reduce my taxes?

This is a question many businesses ask their accountants. As a Calgary small business tax accountant, I stay updated on Canada’s evolving Tax Act and know the deductions you and your company can claim. Where write offs are possible and business expenses can be deducted, I ensure you take advantage of those opportunities.


There are many fair and lawful ways to minimize your tax bill – I will never engage in questionable methods to reduce your taxes. Such behaviour is unethical for accountants and opens you as a company up to disciplinary action.


Can I help you minimize your taxes? Yes, I can through a detailed analysis of where you can save now, and steps you can take to ensure even more savings in the future.

Your Professional Representative

Did you know that companies and individuals that do their own taxes are more vulnerable to audits? It’s far too easy to rely on an outdated form, factor in a deduction that does not apply to your situation or misunderstand a nuance of the Tax Act when filing your returns on your own. Using a professional accountant greatly reduces your risk of falling out of compliance due to lack of knowledge or an oversight – and therefore greatly reduces your risk of an audit.

Ongoing Consulation

Filing is an annual event, but tax preparation takes place all year long. My tax consultation services include actions you can start now to reduce future taxes, and strategies, such as how to file receipts and keep on top of your monthly bookkeeping, that will make future tax filings a breeze.

The Tax Preparation you have
been Looking For

Your Calgary small business tax accountant is a partner that believes in your success. For expertise and outstanding customer service, contact me today.


Have a question? Reach out!

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