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Business Advisory Services

The success of your business or non-profit organization is not solely dependent on your skill set and product knowledge. You are the expert on your product, but are you an expert in the financial management of your business? Do you know how your personal goals impact your company’s financial goals?


Whether your company is new or established, for-profit or non-profit, the needs of the company – and your needs as a company owner – are fluid. A business advisor in Calgary helps you align your accounting process with those needs so you can enjoy greater personal and professional success.

One-to-One Business Consulting

As a business advisor in Calgary, I help you understand your company’s position today, and where it can be in the future. I guide you step-by-step through the lifecycle of your company choosing your financial models, forecasting, cash flow projections, and provide ongoing analysis. Together we discuss:

  • Your Best Business Structure: Choosing the appropriate business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation).


  • Financial Planning: Assist with understanding the financial model, organizational dynamics, and forecasting to keep track of business goals.


  • Cash Flow Projections: Assist with analyzing spending, tracking cash flow sources, balancing budgets and/or debts for optimal cash flows to support the business’ success.

Running a Business is not a Linear Process

The financial setup and running of your business also heavily depends on your:


  • Reasons for Being in Business: Do you want to retire young? Inspire others? Change the world?


  • Lifestyle: How much do you need to make to support the lifestyle you want?


  • Balance: How many hours must you invest weekly to reach your business’ goals?


  • Risk Tolerance: How much capital are you willing to put up? How comfortable are you with personal and professional debt?

I get to know you and your goals, and the purpose and mission of your brand first. From there, we create a financial path going forward that considers all the aspects of the business.

Seminars, Workshops & Talks

As a small business advisor in Calgary, I offer regular seminars and private group talks. Seminars and workshops keep the business community updated on changes to the Tax Act, tax minimization strategies, and provide operational advice and support. Group talks are tailored to your company’s team and contain information and interactive activities that pertain directly to your brand.

Whom do I Help?

My small business advisor experience has benefited entrepreneurs in all walks of life and across all industry sectors, including:

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Lawyers

  • Construction companies

  • Realtors

  • Retailers

  • Beauty salons

  • Independent contractors

  • Software developers

  • IT professionals

  • and many more

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